Theme 1 :

Climate science

If you follow the press and media today, you can see that climate change is becoming an increasingly big concern not only for scientists but also for policy makers, businesses and youth. 

But how do we know climate change is happening? What studies and models have demonstrated that climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of natural disasters in Vietnam? Let’s learn about the scientific evidence behind climate change, its effects and the concepts of “adaptation” and “mitigation” in this module!

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Climate science

Climate feedback loops

Climate impact

Mitigation and Adaptation


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Youth voices

What role can young people play in forwarding climate science? Can age prevent you from developing interesting projects? Read the youth’s own posts to learn and get inspired!

700 phone calls + 14 giant excel files: The summer I “chased” after emissions

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From architect to energy startup founder: The story of 1516

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A slab of wood in the waterfalls and a drive in the wilderness

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Still interested in learning more about climate science topics? You can refer to the following resources from leading organizations and experts in the world and Vietnam!


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Nhóm phát triển Chủ đề 1: Khoa học khí hậu

Lê Nguyên

Đoàn Việt Thành

Sinh viên ngành __ // Đại học John Hopkins University

Đỗ Ngọc Vân

Nguyệt VMN

Thanh niên có thể đóng vai trò gì trong câu chuyện khoa học khí hậu Liệu tuổi nhỏ có cản trở các bạn trong việc phát triển những dự án thú vị Hãy đọc những bài chia sẻ của chính thanh niên để cùng tìm hiểu và lấy cảm hứng nhé!