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Around the world, the energy system is the largest source of carbon emissions. According to a survey of 163 youth who are interested in the Youth4Climate Learning Hub, energy transition is a topic and a climate action area that many youth want to pursue. In particular, the concept of “renewable energy” has become popular in recent years, with the strong development of solar and wind power in Vietnam.

But are you sure you correctly understand the climate-energy nexus? In what ways are renewables different from fossil fuels? And how can the power system and transportation system most effectively respond to climate change? Let’s find the answers to these questions together!

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Energy sources

Energy systems

Transportation system


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 What role can young people play in forwarding the energy transition? Can age prevent you from developing interesting projects? Read the youth’s own posts to learn and get inspired!

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Still interested in learning more about climate science topics? You can refer to the following resources from leading organizations and experts in the world and Vietnam!


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