Inspiring Women Taking Climate Action

On Wednesday, March 13th 2024, the  Descendants of Hai Ba Trung podcast team at UNDP Viet Nam had the pleasure to host an insightful Online talk for young Vietnamese gender and environmental enthusiasts, titled “Discovering and Discussing with Inspiring Women Taking Climate Action.

This event aimed to feature women not ‘victims’ or vulnerable to climate impacts but rather as “positive change-makers” and discuss the myths behind gendered and climate storytelling.


1. Opening Remarks by UNDP Resident Representative

2. Presentation “Breaking myths and stereotypes on gender equality and climate change”

3. Panel Discussion: “Women as Positive Change-Makers”

4. Interactive Discussion among participants and guest speakers on gendered and climate change storytelling.

This online webinar recording has been condensed to fit within a specified time frame. We wish that this video will allow you to participate remotely in our event. For those keen on delving deeper into the inspiring stories of everyday heroes championing climate action and gender, we encourage you to tune in to the Descendants of Hai Ba Trung podcast, available on  Spotify and YouTube!

"Descendants of Hai Ba Trung" Podcast

UNDP Viet Nam is producing its first-ever podcast ‘Descendants of Hai Ba Trung’ or ‘Hậu duệ Hai Bà Trưng’, showcasing voices from the frontline of the climate crisis. Each episode showcases the journey of women from all backgrounds sharing their experiences in mobilizing their communities and taking action in the field of agriculture, disaster risk reduction, circular economy etc; to adapt and mitigate climate change.